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Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the

Daniel Jouvance Laboratories for Marine Biology

Dr. W. TSA 40001 

F- 56973 Vannes Cedex 9


Joint Practice of Dentists

Of Luebeck







Luebeck, Friday, 29 April 2004

Free English translation on 5 September 2021.

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Please, let the German-language letter be translated into many different languages and be handed over to the right places.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Cosmetic Laboratories, Dear Doctors of Dentistry, Dear Mrs. U. Gl. and Mrs. C. K.!

"Enclosed I am returning to you the wrongly delivered Pur Desir de Rose Deo Creme and additionally requesting the return of the unopened Prevention Solell Anit-Age sun care.

As I already know this skincare range and this range tears deep wrinkles in my skin, I cannot use this product and ask for a credit in this regard. Instead of the deodorant cream, I could not find the volume mascara and therefore ask for a subsequent delivery."

I am sure that you have already taken note of my person and hopefully also understood that my person is extremely interested in external beauty.

For this reason I would like to inform you that there is and will be no true way to preserve an outer beauty forever, except through the Empress' offer.

The offer consists of many criteria, and I would like to tell you the most important ones.

Nutrition is the basis for a beautiful face, whereby the facial features play a major role.

Any genetic manipulation and hormonally treated food will in time be at the expense of the human appearance.

This dangerous fact is also related to the human hormone balance and runs the risk of mixing with the animal and plant make-up.

Since the human hormone is already mixed by the sexual life as well, as with same-sex partners and with the animal, whereby the metabolism is thereby addressed and this human metabolism is connected with a monumental change controlled by the psyche, one can clearly see where humanity really stands.

Quite apart from this, utensils such as fruit and vegetables as well as electrical apparatus are sometimes used during sexual intercourse, which is also very questionable, but probably has less influence on the outward appearance or beauty of a person.

Thus, the focus of a woman's beauty lies in the loss of her partner's lack of masculinity, which is in danger of tipping over completely due to many criteria already mentioned

In the same way, the oceans are tipping over, from which no pure, natural cosmetics can be extracted, unless through chemical cleaning, which will then be rather harmful for the skin, which should be mentioned, for example, especially concerning algae extracts.

In order to make a sensible start in the aforementioned matter, the Empress urgently advises the affected women and men to keep their distance from animal sex life in the first place.

In the second place, rays are to be avoided, which can come from many sides!

I would like to address the mouth wrinkles in particular, which I consider abnormal in contrast to natural eye wrinkles and which quite simply should not be present in this form and concentration, for which many a dentist can also be held responsible.

Especially in the more mature age of a woman, a more elaborate treatment at the dentist is usually unavoidable, so that the dentist will quite simply insist on a wide-open mouth in order to be able to work, although the connective tissue of a woman is thin, especially also around the mouth area, unless one has a dentist who takes such a very important fact of dental treatment into consideration, respectively also puts the beauty of the tooth repair or replacement as the higher priority on the first place and not the practical use.

After all, what does es do for a person if he or she can bite into an apple but his or her smile is simply repulsive! ?

The same applies to the wrinkles in the mouth, what use are beautiful and healthy teeth if the lips are surrounded by a string of wrinkles?

Only what is then, if one is dependent on the dentist because of toothache and simply after the treatment the tender skin around the mouth is torn several times?

Again, my person additionally does not quite agree with this dental treatment and with the fact of dentures including the sensitivity, susceptibility and loss of teeth.

Well done to the woman who is not particularly bothered by these facts and wrinkles; on the one hand these women are to be envied, on the other hand the woman's partner would have to be cut from the same cloth, whereby in the partnership or marriage then probably rather reason will rule and love will seldom be in the foreground.

Also, some rays have a direct effect on the mouth, such as often rays from the PC, such as rays from the spotlights, rays from certain lamps, rays from electric cooker tops, as well as from ceramic hobs, or also bundled rays in glassy places such as in a stationary car, a telephone booth or the rays behind a specially processed, tinted glass pane, as they do not miss their effect in buses and trains.

The rays in a barbecue shop, especially the fuel rods used to prepare kebabs, also have a noticeable effect on thin skin.

I do not wish to dwell specially on normal sunbeams and sunbed exposures, as these facts are common knowledge.

"The lips are moved by a ring muscle. The more often, the faster longitudinal wrinkles form around the lips and a deepening of the wrinkles from the nose to the mouth."

Due to smokers who pull heavily on cigarettes, this "mouth wrinkle syndrome" is often clearly visible, but thick skin even in the mouth area often compensates for heavy smoking.

Nevertheless, my person does not agree with such a change of the face, also concerning an artificial denture, because in many people the mouth area is changed by it and the speech behaviour is also slightly changed!

To address the commercially available so-called "neon light" as well, I would like to point out that pouches under the eyes are particularly appealing due to the neon tube light.

In addition, an average person looks very unflattering in neon tube light.

People with particularly thin nerves, as my person is, notice clearly that the "neon tube light" has an unfavourable influence on the nervous system.

The pouches under the eyes are also clearly intensified by the pure consumption of coffee, should the heart have already often made itself felt, as there is a direct connection between the pouches under the eyes and the heart.

Of course, our air is already so mixed with pollutants that the exhaust fumes of the mobile world have not failed to have an effect on the food chain and health, and many allergies are the order of the day, which the skin and thus the bloodstream often have to bear again.

Many substances can enter the bloodstream through the skin, especially the most expensive creams or disinfectants.

All creams, which are actually already to be applied externally as medicines, pass into the organism, but especially also cleaning agents, detergents and much more, which can come into contact with the skin.

There are certainly many purely herbal substances that could also enter the bloodstream when absorbed through the skin, but there are certainly also natural-based substances that cannot penetrate deep into the skin.

For example, black cumin oil was mentioned by a dedicated journalist, which will have an effect on the talc gland, as it is said to visibly help against skin blemishes, while sulphur powder could also be mentioned, as it has an absorbing effect.

To stay with the glands, I would like to express the suspicion that certain deodorants or also corresponding preparations against sweating have an effect on the sweat gland, possibly causing nodules to form in the adjacent cells of the breast, which could cause cancer, breast cancer.

Incidentally, the hormonal change and mixing of the human species also clearly determines hair growth.

A woman tends to grow more hair on her mouth and body due to the loss of masculinity of the opposite sex; a man tends to lose his hair prematurely. On the one hand, hair loss is stress-related and on the other hand, it results from the oversaturation and overload caused by the permissiveness of many women in the public sphere, which floods in on the male world from all sides through the media.

My person cannot comment more precisely on the respective predisposition or hereditary disposition, which is certainly an important reason for hair growth, but which can be changed by circumstances, such as metabolic disorders.

However, hair growth is linked to metabolism, hormone balance and hereditary factors, which is also generally known.

Again, my person does not agree that hair can form on certain parts of the body and that a man can be deprived of the so-called splendour of his hair, i.e. his headdress.

Continuing with the text, which at first glance may probably seem a bit overblown.

The sun deeply affects the skin and should not be used for sunbathing, but by moving the body in the sun it gives off a natural freshness, whereby one should protect oneself with a simple cream that cannot penetrate the skin.

For this purpose, I would like to mention the well-tried Penaten cream by DR. med. Max Riese, and to strengthen the skin, the simple Nivea cream by Beiersdorf AG.

Of course, every skin is different in its texture, colour, thickness and elasticity, so this recommendation applies especially to extremely thin and sensitive skin.

For particularly thin skin types, treatment or application with Pro Retinol or Q 10 can mean that the skin develops deep cracks, i.e. wrinkles, in the short term and can be soothed with natural wool fat or panthenol.

The application of today's active ingredients quickly makes you look puffy and "made", but no longer interesting for your age.

Furthermore, I recommend at most a weekly body cleansing by a full bath or shower bath.

Daily body cleansing by washing is quite sufficient for the day and allows the skin to retain its body's own moisture.

Here, too, you are in a very big mistake, because the body's own moisture and lipids are removed from the skin by prolonged bathing.

Cream bathing puts a film on the skin that easily combines with air pollution and requires a long full bath or long showers the next day.

Soaping removes moisture from the skin again, so this daily interval causes the skin to lose its ability to retain moisture and oil very early on.

Here, too, the respective skin type is at risk accordingly.

It is also said that beauty comes from within, as certainly smoking does.

On the one hand, smoking beautifies the facial features in the short term, whereby the metabolism connects with the Monumental-Area and changes, but on the other hand, it deprives the body of vitamins in the long term, which should be supplied only through the natural diet, if possible, so as not to affect the fine facial features.

The intake of vitamin B can also have an unfavourable effect on the pouches under the eyes in that they can swell up easily.

Regular artificial intake of vitamins and minerals (calcium) will shape the facial features, making them more bony and hard.

Also it tells you how happy and healthy a person is by looking at his or her facial features.

Many mature people have a longer, slightly pulled down upper lip area and deep wrinkles at the corners of the mouth bordering a slightly swollen cheek area.

Often this is related to a disturbed gastric juice secretion.

It is likely that this secretion will often be very high, which will also be related to stress, diet and lack of exercise in fresh air.

Dark circles around the eyes also suggest a poor diet and lack of energy.

I would also like to address dental care, whereby electric cleaning can perhaps even lead to premature tooth loss due to the many vibrations of the electric toothbrush, which are no longer perceptible.

Thus, empirical values of users who have brushed their teeth with an electric toothbrush for about thirty years should be taken into account.

In order to give appropriate meaning to this unusual letter, various measures will have to be ordered.

Sexual intercourse, especially the animal sex, must be ended worldwide for a long transitional period and then be eliminated altogether.

Nutrition must be brought back to a higher level, with food free of all added agents such as especially the growth hormone used in livestock, the artificial fertiliser and the vitamin supplements in juices, dairy products and cornflakes.

The cosmetics industry must return to a natural basis, whereby the products must not penetrate deep into the skin, as many glands are endangered by this, such as the tear gland, the sweat gland and even the thyroid gland.

Perfume can also partially penetrate the skin and lead to diseases, whereby many perfumes can literally "burn" on the surface of the skin and aftershave for men should also be mentioned in this regard.

Also hair shampoo or hair lotion must be checked accordingly, as in some people even the scalp can be thin and incorrect use of these products might even lead to unexplained headaches and more.

Toothpaste should also be mentioned as a cleanser and care product for the teeth and gums, and my person, for example, uses the medicinal toothpaste L... active seems to be inadmissible for the treatment of the teeth and especially the gums.

The bath additive also seems to me to be partly dangerous, as the skin pores are literally covered with the additives.

Especially the micro particles or the modern "gold particles", which are also already contained in some body oils, will certainly not be suitable especially for thin skin.

Since many women are already visibly visually destroyed, which will have happened especially due to the partnership and stress, only a miracle can help and nothing else.

This miracle should take place through the mirror, and that through one's own reflection.* (Not to be made possible for the time being.) Follow the order according to the logic of the commands**.

As an aid, perhaps Sulfuderm sulphur powder or another powder should be used for the facial features as well as facial hair removal and Penaten cream or Nivea cream or another simple thick cream for the wrinkles.

Nivea Q 10 eye cream for the mouth area should also be mentioned in this regard.

However, it should not be a rejuvenating cure, but rather an attractive naturalness that brings back the actual beauty in an age-appropriate way.

In a few cases, corrections of the face can also be hoped for, but the time for this does not yet seem to me to have come, since the big bills will certainly come to mankind first.

Especially also for the Africans or for people from foreign cultures the time does not yet seem to me to have come to be able to achieve an optical beautification, improvement or change by a miracle, which will also be inevitable in the matter and in the commission.

There, the fight against epidemics and diseases, like the fight against hunger, has an even higher importance and priority.

Also, from my person's point of view, the Americans and Europeans have been particularly adversely changed by the above-mentioned circumstances first and should have priority in terms of face.

For this reason, my person now needs contact persons who will take up the matter in order to make contact with the women, no matter what age, and to take care of this matter by accompanying the women in the matter.

The entire cosmetics industry will have to focus exclusively on catalogue sales, as individuals' funds for cosmetics will be limited in the future and can only be obtained through an invoice.

Only strictly tested cosmetics that cannot cause any damage to health, such as lipsticks or nail polish remover, may be offered, whereby it should be mentioned that if nail polish is used regularly, the fingernails are certainly impeded during growth and therefore uneven, wavy fingernails are often the result, whereby the natural nail colour is also affected.

In the future, only tested cosmetics on a natural basis will be allowed in the controllable mail order business, while at the same time written contacts with the customers could be kept.

Dr. Pierre Ricaud, Yves Rocher and Beiersdorf AG, among others, are called upon by the cosmetics industry to take responsibility for the implementation of this matter.

As contact persons via TV as well as by means of correspondence, two world-famous ladies, who are interested in the beauty of a woman, were to be called into responsibility and management.

These are Ms U. G. and Ms C. K.,+ both of whom have already made a name for themselves in this regard through the Homeshopping Europe channel. (No longer current).*

Despite differences of opinion regarding this letter, the ladies should be able to orientate themselves on an extremely thin nerves, which certainly seems to be very rare, in order to be able to bring the upcoming task to a common denominator.

Also, both*+ ladies have a sound knowledge themselves, so this letter could complement the task at hand, as my person will "not interfere" with the ladies, but insists and must insist on checking the correctness of this letter!

Not every woman will get the benefit of a miracle at this time, because my person basically does not want to support a so-called woman who took away another woman's husband or the children's father and thus will have ruined a beautiful woman.

These kinds of women will have to stand at the back of the queue for the time being, and until a reasonable return has been made by the "so-called women" in the matter**.

Should in future one of these "women" want to get at the beauty of a woman, then my person will let such a diseased creature be beaten with the "invisible Monumental Cudgel* (not yet become active) until the fur will fly!

Otherwise, the Empress's Cudgel should take over to protect and preserve the beauty and kind of a human being even through stopping the general sexual intercourse!

P. p. Empress

A beginning will be made here in Luebeck and in the Dental Clinic in Kiel for the implementation and management of dentistry.

For this reason, among others ** my attending dentist of the practice Dres. W. Luebeck and Dr. H., Luebeck will be called into responsibility.

HP: The practice of miracle dentistry starts right there in the Hanseatic City of Luebeck, where the "kindergarten children"*** will take to the school bench and finally try to behave like adults towards the called-up Authorities and will honestly endeavour to carry out all demands properly and without delay!

Luebeck, 14 February 2018* German-language document checked.

08.06.2018 **

26.07.2019** Practice Dr. Harry F., Luebeck, Near Muehlenteich

13.09.2919*** Regrettably, my person has clearly underestimated the population's clinical picture, as my person's claimed pocket money is not to be found in my bank account!

Now, instead of the general kindergarten children in the matter, my person quite obviously has to try to sort out the mess with nursery children, what has already become very precarious for my person in terms of time and appearance!

Actually, I had very much hoped to already find school children in the matter, among which also outstanding pupils are far ahead of the teaching staff of my person in the matter and could have already clearly overtaken me in the "subject knowledge"!

HP: If my person is going to be dragged into the public "mud" worldwide, then at least the pocket money should be made available in time, so that my person, among others, can remain capable of acting, because without the announced cultural trips there will be no good end!

*Document reviewed again on 5 September 2021.

(Unregulated world exit or regulated world exit coupled with regulated world entry)