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Ursula Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the

Commissariat of the German Bishops

Catholic Office

Hannoversche Str. 5

10115 Berlin

Luebeck, 5 May 2002

Free English translation on 5 September 2021.

Acceptance of all Children from Luebeck into the Roman Catholic Church.

The German-language document you may find here!

2011* So that no misunderstandings arise, I would like to clarify in advance that no one may address the clergy in this way unless there is a special status in this regard that has been proven!

Dear Clergy of Luebeck!

Today, on the 6th Sunday of Eastertide, your Empress has taken a brief look around two of your Luebecker churches and would now like to offer you some help very quickly.

Basically it is wrong to bind people, especially the young people, to the church through offered actions and through offered possibilities of a self-realisation and to keep them in this form.

You only have to look at the young people who are actively involved in the congregation and notice very quickly that they are offered an opportunity to take on a supporting role, be it by giving talks at the altar or by performing and much more.

One notices immediately that the media world has come to the altar and thus into the churches, and certainly all church newspapers have not been spared.

The result is, as shown in today's church newspaper, a house of God made of 240 mineral water crates and a lot of other nonsense.

No, we can't go on like this; a place of worship is not a media centre and does not hold the door open for tourism.

As a result of the recent events in Erfurt, Bishop Wanke, as reported on the radio via the NDR, stated that the upbringing of children and the education of young people must once again be given the right recognition and status in society and that the available resources should be properly allocated accordingly.

Yes, that is true and it is a very important statement that Bishop Wanke made.

Education shapes the whole person for his or her whole life and should be done especially through the parental home.

However, your Empress also clearly states that education also begins in the church, where a person must also learn to pray properly.

In church, a person must learn that there is something else superior, otherwise people would be non-existent.

There, human must learn to deal with God, our Father, and thus man learns to live the Ten Commandments given to us, also through his fellow men.

My Dear Clergy, in the Church, education begins there through baptism and is handed over to the parents, but continues to be accompanied and followed.

Please remember this for a future time.

Only through teaching and education will you be able to bind people to the church, be it through a decent sermon or through the denial of the blessing or the sacraments and above all through the denial of the Body of Christ.

There are enough events and other opportunities for young people to be able to achieve self-realisation, but to first find themselves and be found, there is only one place for that, the church.

Only with goodness, gentleness and comfort you will soon need goodness, gentleness and comfort yourselves, as you will now know, but human will only receive help if he is shown the path in a clearly understandable way and also only if human is also sent on the path!

You will now no longer be able to muster this strength and will, for you yourselves have been beaten because you have turned the other cheek for too long.

What is no longer there has been lost and what was never there cannot suddenly be there

That is why education for the youth and for those who have grown beyond it is now to be indirectly taken over by your Empress, but the responsibility for this is ultimately and finally borne by the Lord all alone through every human being and primarily probably through you with all the consequences that should be known to you all.

You too, or you of all people, know the Lord's commission; thus the commission will oblige many of you to take care of junior staff.

Many of you, if suitable, should take up a teaching post as a clergyman, whereby my retired pastor from the Holy-Spirit-Parish of Luebeck should take over the entire management and the necessary finances in this regard.

However, the main task for most of you will have to concentrate on ensuring that the infants and children of all religions and all cultures can be adopted into the church, in order to bring them there into the right teaching and education through baptism.

This will now become your life's work, whereby the elderly, the parents as well as interested young people and all other people must also find a place in the church.

Your life's work will not succeed without the suitable personalities who are to be under you and who will also exist. They will be trained theologians, they will be experienced mothers as well as religious education teachers and female teachers, convent women and the pastoral advisers, deacons and many more people.

You will know that you will have to admonish the parents of the children properly, because otherwise the parents will not be able to educate the children properly.

Please do not hold on to actions and events of this said kind any longer, but hold on to your work which enables you to bring people on the right path.

This can be done by a slap in the face, by an appropriate tone and by the Cudgel of your Empress, which should also serve you.

To return to the proper public recognition of child-rearing, there is already a letter from your Empress to this effect, which particularly concerns women and mothers, and the contents of the letter are to be put into practice as soon as possible.

Incidentally, the Erfurt funeral service, the entire period of mourning and the ceremonies were also one big media frenzy; there is no need to ask where such deeds and ideas actually come from!

P. p. Empress

___________Ursula Sabisch, Luebeck, Germany ____________